Questions to Answer Before Considering a Commercial Real Estate lease

Is there a minimum rental period? What are the running costs? Are there storage options within the property? Does the Commercial Real Estate lease work in your favor? Business owners should check their contract very carefully before signing it.

Real estate suitable for commercial use

Commercial property is a property that is defined as a retail property. This classification is made according to the intended use of the space and should be cleared by the local government. In addition, there are also buildings that may be used both as a residential property as well as for commercial purposes.

This variant is ideal if the business owner wants to live above their workshop or warehouse. Typical examples of this hybrid are the farms and multi-family dwellings in cities where there is a shop or a restaurant on the ground floor.

The choice of location

People can buy or rent a commercial space in almost every city or town. However, to make sure your business is thriving and making good sales, you should first check if potential customers are located nearby. Some business owners may find a place where their industry is not yet represented, so they have little to fear from competition.

This is especially true for workshops that sell their products to private customers. In this area, it may also make sense to choose a location where the workshop is seen by as many people as possible in order to attract new customers. On the other hand, customers are usually prepared to travel a little longer or will order by phone if they really want something in particular.

Operating costs

Further operating costs should be considered. These can range from water and electricity costs to local community fees. These fees include, for example, local street cleaning and garbage collection costs to be paid by the owner of the property. Here, too, there are great differences between individual communities.

Another tax that arises when buying a piece of land is the property tax. In addition, business owners will probably want to take out insurance against fire, water damage, and other eventualities. In this regard, a high-risk location, such as a large river, could be disadvantageous.

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