Scrubs Tips for The Average Joe

Essentials of Scrubs

Scrubs are usually kinds of garments that are put on by surgeons, doctors and their assistants in a hospital. They are supposed to be clean and germs free. These clothes were initially meant to be used by surgeons and assistants within an operating room. They were worn prior to a theatre procedure as a way of sanitization.

Currently scrubs are usually put on by majority of the hospital personnel. You can find scrubs being worn in other settings apart from hospitals. They are used in places where sanitization of clothes is highly required. Scrubs are made so that they are not easily contaminated, are easy to clean and they are not expensive.

There were no special garments for hospital stuff in the olden days. Doctors, surgeons and nurses usually take further sanitary precision on top of wearing scrubs. This extra gear also helps in sanitization and preventing infection both to the physician and the patient.

The journey of the scrubs started long ago in history with the introduction of certain gowns. There was introduction to sterilization to both gear and instruments. The gowns used in operating rooms were white in color to effect cleanliness. This was later done away with and there came garments that were green in color.

It is usually prohibited to have any other garment under a scrub in an operating room. Scrubs are designed to heighten cleanliness and so foreign clothes are thought to cause contamination. A white coat on top of other clothes is usually warn by a physician who is not operating. A surgeon may put on a white coat on top of the special attire in case of no operations. Almost all personnel that care for patients usually wear the scrubs.

Scrubs are also worn as uniforms in prison in some countries. Scrubs are designed distinctively and with distinct pigmentation. Scrubs for different purposes as well scrubs in different nations usually vary in design and color. Scrubs are usually worn depending on the department in a particular hospital. Pediatricians have unique scrubs that have cartoon characters printed on them.

Scrubs are usually owned by the hospitals due to the concerns of laundering and sterility. Scrubs are usually cleaned thoroughly and them later sterilized and stored well to avoid contamination. In addition to the scrubs, there are head attires that are also worn. The caps are likewise meant to prevent infection. These caps were developed back in history and are present in hospitals to date. The use of scrub gear is wide and is not only limited to surgery theaters. Scrub caps usually range from those which only cover the head to those that cover the whole face. Although distinct colors of scrub caps exist, they are worn in matching colors with the scrub.

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